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Key Reasons Why Pest Control In Necessary in the Winter

Winter Pest Control
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Many people in Vancouver still believe the misconception that pests will pack up and leave when the temperature falls. But the truth is that they make their way into our home to look for warmth and shelter. Whether it’s carpenter ants or bed bugs, once they enter your home, it takes only a few days to infest your entire house. And this is what will put your family at risk.

Hence, during the coldest months, it’s a must for each homeowner to contact pest exterminators for pest control. Here are the reasons in detail.

Why Prioritize Pest Control in the Winter?

When it comes to eliminating pests from your home, it’s better not to opt for the DIY approach as it may not give you a permanent solution. In this regard, it’s always recommended to take professional help. Now, let’s know why you should prioritize it during the winter.

Pests Love Warmth

The winter is a wonderful time to enjoy warmth by the fire. But do you know who else loves it during these chilly months? Bugs! They thrive at a warm temperature. Besides, the floorboards and walls of a home can be the best habitat for rodents during the winter. And this is why you need to put a plan to keep pests at bay.

Rodents Can Enter Your Home Through Small Holes

Rodent infestation can be a common issue among households in Vancouver during the winter. Without the supply of food and warm places, many rodents stay in homes for other goods. Maybe, your home is sealed. But rodents can fit into holes the size of a quarter. They are not fun house guests. They chew electrical wires, carry diseases, and nest in your insulation. So, rodent control is necessary.

Pest Control is Equivalent to Peace of Mind

Pest infestation causes several health hazards. Besides, rodents can pose a threat to the structural foundation of a property. Hence, to keep your home protected, take the help of pest exterminators. They are well aware of effective strategies by which they can easily find the root cause of this problem. The eco-friendly solution they offer will give you a permanent solution. And this is what gives an added sense of safety.

So, what’s holding you back? Contact us immediately to make your home pest-free. We offer affordable services to our clients.

Here’s How to Make Your Home Pest-Proof During the Winter

Winter Pest Control
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Do you think, like others, that the pest season is over when the temperature falls? Unfortunately, the winter months would not leave your home pest-free. Many pests are susceptible to extreme cold and look for shelter and warmth during the winter. Some of them carry diseases, while others threaten the condition of your property. Hence, before you discover this nuisance, follow these tips to make your home pest-proof this winter.

How to Keep Winter Pests Outside Your Home

In Vancouver, when the weather cools, pests, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, termites look for warm shelter in homes. They seek entry points around houses. And remember any structural damages, gaps in window and door frames act as an open door for these creatures. But the following tips can help you make your house pest-proof.

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is a vital part of controlling winter pests. Inspect the exterior of your home to verify whether there are any entry points. Check the roof shingles and sidings to confirm if there are any visible damages. If so, get the broken parts replaced as early as possible. Reinforce windows and doors by caulking to fill holes and gaps.

Seal Openings and Cracks

In order to control crawling pests, such as squirrels, rodents, seal cracks and openings both inside and outside of a house. A small opening can be a leeway for them to enter a home. And don’t forget to check the plumbing pieces under the sink in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean Always

Keeping your kitchen is another way to protect your home from winter pests. They are highly attracted to this space because of easy access to food. Hence, never leave any food for prolonged periods in the kitchen. Sweep the floor daily to eliminate food sources. And never leave dishes out overnight.

Clean Pest Habitats Around Your Home

Pests usually love the spaces where they find moisture, warmth, and food. And if they find such a place around your home, the day is not so far when they invade your property. This is why it’s a must to eliminate pest habitats around your home. Keep trash away from your house, and remove debris. Clean your gutters frequently.

Hope, these tips can help make your home pest-free. But unfortunately, if you discover pest infestation in your house, contact us without any hesitations. Our proficient experts use safe and eco-friendly measures to remove pests from buildings. Follow us on Facebook to know more about our services.