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Keep Racoon, Birds, Squirrels, or Other Wildlife at a Safe Distance

Wildlife animals such as racoon squirrel, and birds calls for serious damage to a property. In fact, their infestation makes entry path for other harmful wildlife. Take the right step to eradicate them from your property before it gets too late.

Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. is a leading pest and wildlife control agency that specializes in bird control, wildlife control, wasp control, and other pest control services in Vancouver.

We have our trained, experienced, and proficient team of pest exterminators top execute the job. Get an obligation free quite from one of our experts for the services. Our pest and wildlife control services are offered on the same day.

Fly Away Birds with Our Bird Control Service in Vancouver

Birds can cause serious damage to your property by building their nests. Birds such as sparrows and pigeons roost on locations such as the rooftops and ledges. In fact, bird droppings are harmful and can cause infectious diseases for humans. A few issues caused by birds are:

  • Birds dropping that disintegrate house exteriors
  • They carry harmful parasites that spread disease
  • Clog vents by dropping materials to build their nests
  • Causes severe damage to crops and merchandise

Get them evacuated from your residential and commercial properties, bringing no casualties to the birds. Contact us for bird control in Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, and other adjoining areas.

Get Squirrels Evacuated from Your Property in Vancouver

Your house attic would become one of the best places for squirrel invasion if you do not take adequate measures. Homeowners in Vancouver and the surrounding areas are under threat because of squirrel infestation. These pests cross path in the human territories in search of food and shelter. On finding a source of food, they establish their nesting site close to the source. Places such as the attic, garden area, or garage are more prone to shelter squirrels.

The squirrels also cause severe harm to the building’s structural integrity. Do not allow the wildlife to create havoc in your lives and properties. Contact the trained exterminators of Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. to remove squirrels from your place. We can help you live life peacefully with our service of rodent and wildlife control in Vancouver. Remember, we are just a call away!

Control Other Wildlife in Vancouver with Our Services

Besides birds, squirrels, and racoons, we also offer other wildlife control services in Vancouver, Fraser Valley and the adjoining areas. Give us a call at 604-699-1707 to make your residential, commercial, and industrial areas free from pests and wildlife.