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If you have birds roosting in your warehouse, too many squirrels intruding in your attic, raccoons invading your garbage, or any other wildlife creating a fire hazard by gnawing away at your electrical wiring then it’s time to call Vancouver Pest Control Ltd.

As one of Vancouver’s leading wildlife management and extermination companies, we specialize in advanced bird control, squirrel removal, raccoon control and wildlife management services.

Call our pest control experts today for a complimentary, no obligation estimate on bird control, squirrel removal or wildlife removal. We can arrange for same-day service within Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley.

Bird Control Services Vancouver

Birds can affect residential and business areas in various ways so we recommend that you schedule a free on site evaluation so we can assess the best bird control strategy and products to be used.

Trapped birds in retail stores, warehouses and factories plus nesting birds in construction areas can become a serious threat. Common bird pest control problems can include:

  • Bird feces (deposits) on buildings and windows
  • Aggressive behaviour and excessive noise
  • Damage to crops or merchandise
  • Spread of fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Squirrel Control Vancouver

    When forced out of their natural habitats squirrels become a serious problem for homes and businesses. Moving into attics, chimneys and crawlspaces, squirrels wreak havoc by gnawing through foundations, roofing, insulation and ductwork. Left unattended, squirrel infestations create easy access for bats, insects and other unwanted pests to enter and create even greater pest control problems.

    However, the greatest threat squirrels cause is serious fire hazards by chewing through electrical wiring. Are you aware that an alarmingly high number of electrical fires are caused by squirrels?

    Whether your backyard is already overrun with squirrels or you suspect you might have a squirrel infestation problem, we can help you with our environmentally friendly squirrel removal services. Some of these methods include live traps, natural squirrel repellents, one-way doors and sealing off openings.

    Additional Wildlife Control Services in Vancouver

    In addition to birds and squirrels, there are a number of other unwanted wildlife species in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley including raccoons, rats, mice and bats.


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