Rodents Services

Control Rodents Efficiently with Vancouver Pest Control Ltd.

Several species of rodents, such as rats, mice rodents, can bring intense harm to your health and property. These pests have been invading the houses and workplaces of people in Vancouver, Surrey, Maple Ridge, and the adjoining areas. They contaminate food, spread diseases, and infest homes & offices with their nuisance. The best method to eradicate rats, mice, rodents, and other pests from your place is to determine their species. At Vancouver Pest Control Ltd., we have trained technicians to tackle the condition efficiently. Over the years, we have exterminated thousands of pests to bring peace of mind to our customers. To get rid of rodents, our experts follow IPM techniques that reduce the use of toxic compounds and chemicals. For more details, contact us today at 604-699-1707.

Remove Rodents from Your Property in Vancouver

The infestation of rodents at home can create a pathetic condition for homeowners in Vancouver. They can cause great damage to your property and bring health issues to your family and pets. Many people in Vancouver, Surrey, and the adjoining areas get frustrated because of this rodent. To get an instant solution of squirrel control, contact Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. Once you contact us for help, our team will reach soon for rodent control in Vancouver. To get the rodents out of your residential property, we use eco-friendly measures. Some of our measures include live traps, squirrel repellent, exclusion service, etc. We will also offer you recommendations to keep rodents at bay for a long time with simple methods. Contact us today at 604-699-1707 for more details!

Rat Infestation

Eradicate Mice with Eco-friendly Mice Control Technique

Mice are one of the most nuisance creating pests to found in Vancouver and the nearby territories. These tiny-shaped pests can infest your residential and commercial properties with their destructive abilities. They can chew electrical wires that may cause a fire hazard and slip into small holes to get away from your eyes. Besides that, mice also spread disease by contaminating food. To get quick relief from the nuisance, contact Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. for rodent control in Vancouver. Our team of experts use eco-friendly measure to eradicate these pests from your property. Call us at 604-699-1707 as we are just a call away!

Get Rid of Chipmunks & Other Rodents

Mice, rats, rodents are not the only rodents that people of Vancouver want to get rid of their property. Several other rodents, such as chipmunks, also create chaos among the lives of people. Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. has the solution to eradicate all kinds of rodents with advanced and eco-friendly methods. Call us at 604-699-1707 to get more information on the service.