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Natural Rat Control & Removal in Vancouver

Vancouver Pest Control Ltd uses natural systems to get rid of rats. Our experienced technicians can inspect your property and seal off any places where rats might get into your house. As an alternate to poisons, we trap them in a way that keeps your children and pets safe.

Rats can carry serious diseases that can kill humans and pets. If you have rats in your home, act quickly to get rid of them! Don’t give them a chance to start breeding and spreading germs. In addition to serious health risks, they can chew household wires and cause fires. Rats also carry fleas and parasites that can create serious health hazards for household pets.

Rats are especially problematic during the late fall and winter, as the weather grows colder they seek shelter in your home. For more information about our rat elimination and control options, contact us to speak to one of our pest control specialists in Vancouver today.


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