Carpenter Ants

Intercept the Carpenter Ants to Cause Damage to Your Property

The climate of Vancouver and its surrounding areas are suitable for the habitat of carpenter ants and moisture ants. The wet condition developed at your home and other wooden structures are ideal for food & shelter of these insects. But this turns into bad news for homeowners in Vancouver and the adjoining areas. They create a comfortable place of habitat by digging tunnels inside the wooden structures of your home. Protect the wooden structure and other valuable wooden artefacts with an adequate measure of carpenter ant control in Vancouver. Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. is available at your service 24/7.

Have you noticed the colony of carpenter ants or moisture ants marching towards your home? Immediately call for help before they get into your home in search of food & shelter. The best advice on your part is to contact our experts to get the same day solution. To get rid of these insects, our trained carpenter ant controllers take proper precautionary measures.

Are Carpenter Ants Harmful for Your Property?

To interrupt carpenter ants’ entry inside your property, it is important to track their nest. You can track down the path of carpenter ants in your home as they move in a colony. These insects are as long as half an inch body and are black in color. This makes it easier to locate their colony and control carpenter ants in Vancouver.

Have you witnessed sawdust clinging down a cobweb or somewhere near a wooden structure? Get alarmed! This is a sign that the carpenter ants colony has crossed the path. The saw-dust like remains is called frass that form after carpenter ants damages a wooden structure. If left untreated, they can cause severe structural damage to your structural property.

carpenter Ant
Carpenter Ant Infestation

What Do Carpenter Ants Look Like?

Most active at night, it is one of the largest black ants in North America. They can be as long as ½ inch. They invade your home in search of food and shelter. They prefer to take shelter in damp wood where they create tunnels. They feed upon fruit, insects and meats.

How to Track the Nest of Carpenter Ants in Vancouver?

However, the challenge is to track down the carpenter ants’ nest. Usually, these ants choose the exterior walls of a wooden structure for their habitat. You won’t find a trace of it at the interiors of the house. Hence, for the service of carpenter ant control in Vancouver, you need a proficient team of exterminators. Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. carpenter ant controllers can help you inspect the nest and destroy it.

Keep Carpenter Ants at Bay from Your Home

The best ways to keep carpenter ants at bay is to keep your home clean and damp-free. Prevent wood or wooden structure to dampen and quickly repair cracks and crevices. You can follow your side of safety measures to keep these insects away. For carpenter ant control in Vancouver call the efficient experts of Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. today.

Contact Us to Get Rid of Moisture Ants

Moisture Ants build nests at places with high moisture content, such as damp wood, moist ground. They have a size of 1/8th inch and are brown in color, hence, confused for termites by several homeowners. These insects carry soil inside your building to construct their nest. Call us at 604-699-1707 to get rid of carpenter and moisture ants today!