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Pest Control In Vancouver: It Is Not Only A Residential Requirement

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A well-kept place with high traffic is likely to be pest-free, right? Not necessarily, actually. Many think pest infestation is only a household problem, whereas the fact is something else. Pests can be attracted to places that are not where families live together. Common invaders make it pretty obvious as generations of others are safely hidden there without any interruption.

In this blog, we want to discuss the two most pest-infested places next to residences. So, keep reading up to the end and be careful if you often visit such places or regularly use a place like this.


Commercial places are another attraction of main invaders such as rodents, roaches, ants, even bed bugs. Yes, you have read the right. They not only make choose the place for a shelter, but they also want to fulfill the need for food and water. Thus they get the chance to spread mildly to severe illness.

Some specific commercial places in Vancouver are more like to get infested by the pests, and restaurants are on the top of the list. It does more than scaring customers. If you think traps and sprays are enough to remove the pest infestation, it is not happening. Or if you have a grocery shop, the chances of pest infestation are also considerable. It doesn’t matter what, but the way a business can get infested.  There is no limitation. But what it can cause will impact your business.

Customer Retention

If pests exist in your business property, and even if you overlook it, customers will notice it. There are many ways patrons take detect of the pests. For example, it can be as obvious as cockroaches flying over their head and military on along the wall or else. No matter how they appear in front of your customers, it is going to reduce customer satisfaction.

When parents find pest infestation in any Vancouver restaurant, they are likely to quickly take their children out of the place. This way, your business will get affected by pest infestation, and the solution is, therefore, professional pest control in Vancouver.  Some pest infestations are subtle that can be fixed quickly. For example, bird nesting is enough to drive your customers away.

Fewer Bad Reviews

People nowadays tend to leave instant reviews, especially if they gain a bad experience. Either way, if pests are not driving your customers away, it can still leave negative impacts, among others. You know, for sure, how impactful it can be for your business if customers leave bad reviews.

Employee Morale

A large number of business owners do not understand the impact pests have on the morale of the workers. Whether you have a family-owned business or you are an administrator of any multinational company, the pest has the capability to affect the business’s bottom line. Many employees are productive and work hard and help in business growth. Pest infestation in the Vancouver business place affects employee morale and also the business.

No matter what business you own, pest control in Vancouver is a considerable topic.

Student housing

Unlike residential properties, there are much less in student housing. Additionally, traffic is higher as well. Despite this, it is another attractive place for pests. The risk of pest existence in student housing can lead to a severe issue for all students living in the building.

Health issue

The main problem pests can cause is health issues in the students. Invasive pests such as bees, hornet bees and others are a serious threat for students. Even rodents and roaches can spread health issues in students by contaminating food. It is something that really needs professional pest control in Vancouver. As a managing person of student housing, you should consider it.

So, when pests are infesting in places like these, consider pest control in Vancouver. We, Vancouver Pest Control Ltd., are one of the leading companies in this industry to consult when you are dealing with pests. Instead of worrying about pest infestation, feel free to talk to our experts.

Pest Infestation in Your Strata Managed Property! What to know?

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Who doesn’t love to sit on the chair onto the balcony, relax and enjoy nature? Is it you? Probably no! Everyone loves it, especially in the Strata Managed Properties, where people own particular space, the balcony is the most relaxing place for them. But wasps would not let you relax or leave alone. It can take a sip from your glass of juice.

What are we talking about? Don’t you get it yet?

Well, what we are indicating is the pest infestation in your Strata Managed Property. Knowing the necessity of pest control in condo property is helpful for both tenants and strata property managers to prevent the outbreak of pest infestation.


Pests control is an obvious step. Still, there are lots of valid reasons why your Strata Managed Property needs pest control programs. Here you will find some of the reasons in the following paragraphs.

Pest invasion interferes in people’s daily life. Nothing can be more stressful than finding a creepy around a toothbrush. Or rodents running through your cupboard aren’t pleasing at all. And those roaches – these are the creepiest creature one wants in his/her condo property.

As the manager of a condo’s strata, not fixing the problem is unexpected from you. Reputation is everything, no matter how large or small condo property or building you own. The news of a pest-infested condominium complex spreads fast, and the bad impression becomes another infestation actually.

Preventing the infestation in the first place is an ideal decision than leaving the infestation for a few weeks to spread to nearby condo properties. In fact, prevention is much more inexpensive than pest control when the infestation has extended. So, every report of pest infestation in condo properties should be taken seriously by the strata council. Not only that, the management should take steps against the pests as soon as possible.

Pests can create severe damages to any property, for example, structure damage, furniture damage, contaminating the insulation, even damaging ventilation system and electrical wiring. The longer time you allow staying in your property, the extensive damage they will cause.

Damaging belongings and properties are not the only things that pests do. They transmit diseases, and sometimes they even attract wildlife to a property. And the last thing you may expect is a health risk.

In brief, condo properties need pest control.


With the necessity of fast pest control, it’s upsetting that some condo tenants and owners and owners aren’t getting the service quickly. Sometimes it is due to the ignorance of the state management council, but it’s not the case always. Anyway, there are some common reasons why condo properties have a pest infestation. Check a few out of the comprehensive list below.

  1. Unnoticed pest nesting during the construction of condo buildings.
  2. Pests move into a condo property with tenants when they come back after travelling.
  3. Improper and littering garbage/recycling disposal.
  4. A very old building.
  5. Unnoticed access points in air ducts and ventilation areas.
  6. Tree branches expanded to balconies.
  7. Plumbing, sewer pipes and drains going unmaintained and uncleaned for a long time.

What Condo Strata Managers Must Do

The proper announcement is a need among condo tenants and owners and all strata managers who are in charge of the units if you’re not looking at the large expensive mess. As we already said, try to prevent the pest infestation from spreading by taking the needed action for the first noticed place.

Though Strata managers are not solely responsible for the pest control program, consult with the other unit members as soon as possible. Use a team of skilled pest control experts to remove the pest infestation from the core. Be sure to contact a renowned company. Check out details before choosing any company.

As an experienced and one of the leading companies, we, Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. hope to provide the best possible pest control service to our clients. So, you can rely on us.