People often talk about residential pest problems, and bed bugs are the tiny yet most common issues. They are hard to spot, and people commonly bring back them unintentionally while travelling or staying in hotels. When you are travelling to a place like Vancouver, it is imperative to inspect your room as soon as the hotel management handover the allotted room for you. It is not only a major pest prone area in Canada but is with more frequent visitors.

There are lots of hotels across the world struggling with a bedbug infestation. Therefore, hotel administrates should take care of bed bug issues, no matter what. Take the help of professional pest control services in Vancouver to get the optimal result.

Bed bug inspection

But how could you know the presence of bed bugs? Inspection is, of course, imperative. So, keep reading to know how to inspect hotel rooms for bed bugs.

  • A Basic inspection

Mattresses are the darling to bed bugs. So, start the inspection with mattresses. Gently inspect the mattress by removing the four corners.

Another most common but often overlooked spot to inspect is the baggage rack. Concentrate every corner and inspect carefully. Visitors may check in hotels with bed bugs already in their luggage. Scrutinize cracks and crevices attentively.

  • An in-depth inspection

An in-depth inspection is more likely to be perfect for hotels than a basic inspection. The inspection areas should include seams, edges and some more small areas beyond the mattress and box springs. Also, consider checking the headboard.

Next, check the fixtures close to the bed and pictures on the wall. Make sure there is no bed bug in screw holes, joints, drawers and nightstand as well. Pay special attention to a single spot.

Bed bug inspection is key to uphold the reputation of your hotel. In case you spot a few bed bugs, the actual situation can be worst than you may even imagine. It is, therefore, recommended to treat bed bug infestation fast.

The Urgency of Treating for Bedbugs

Bed bug infestation in a hotel is an emergency problem. It is brutal for a hotel in today’s time online testimonials. But not only does it let down guest satisfaction, but it also can worsen the condition in no time. If you think it is only about a room, you are mistaking. Bed bugs can spread quickly everywhere in your hotel from one room.

Hotels are the ideal environment for bed bugs due to the high traffic and ample space for hiding. Again, there are spaces for bed bugs to hide apart from the bed, such as electrical outlets, chairs and couches, including Baseboards and Headboards.

Because of the small size of bed bugs, they are most likely to get overlooked. Consider treating rooms in series when you find bed bugs in a room.

Looking for an effective way to treat bed bug issue? There is a range of solutions to this problem, but heat treatment is one of the trends and proven bed bug control procedures.

Benefits of Bedbug Heat Treatment For Hotels

Heat treatment can remove bed bug infestation effectively since they can’t survive temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a fact for both adult bed bugs and their eggs. Heat treatment is highly preferred due to the following advantages.

  • Complete

Heat treatment covers every inch of the targeted room. It can also penetrate through small spaces, even between headboards and walls. It means bed bugs that are barely visible will be killed effectively.

  • Thorough

Bedbugs have an inborn ability to sense danger. Heat treatment, on the contrary, slows down the movements of bedbugs and prevents them from escaping. So, there is a high chance of success.

  • Speed

As we already have said, bedbugs need quick treatment. Delaying can make the problem greater than before. And heat treatment is the option that takes a few hours.

  • No chemical use

Chemical is not an ideal component to be used in hotels. You never know who the guests are and whether they are sensitive to chemicals. Heat treatment doesn’t use any chemical, which is why it is an ideal method.

If you suspect or have seen bed bugs in your hotel, consider treatment as soon as possible. We, Vancouver Pest Control Ltd., are there to help you. For any pest-related issue, we are there to help you.

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