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Quick Bed Bug Control Solution in Vancouver and Adjoining Areas

Among the commonly found pests in Vancouver and the adjoining areas, bed bugs are one of the chaotic pests. You can feel their presence in the bedroom because of a peculiar smell. It’s the smell of blood they suck out of your body.

If your house is invaded with bed bugs, it’s time for you to get into action. Seek the service of Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. for bed bug control in Vancouver and the nearby areas.

Some Information About Bed Bugs

The bed bugs are tiny insects who are also great movers. They have a small size of 5mm length and 3mm wide but are visible to eyes because of reddish-brown color. Learn a few more details about the insects here:

  • Bed bugs can lay 1-5 eggs in a day and approx. 200-500 eggs in a lifetime
  • These insects have a lifespan of 10 years
  • These insects remain active by feeding on human blood
  • These blood suckers can survive without food for several months
  • Their bites leave marks of bug bites on the human’s body
  • Their place of habitat and hiding is bedroom where humans sleep

Symptoms to Indicate Presence of Bed Bugs

The favorite hiding spots for the bed bugs are cracks and crevices of the bed, wall cracks, cloths, mattresses, etc. Mainly, they get active during the night after people fall asleep. The common symptoms to feel their presence in the house are blood stains on the bed cover, pillows, towels, etc. Their attack may also leave itchy red bumps on the skin. To get a quick bed bug control in Vancouver, seek the help of our efficient pest control experts.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Vancouver with Bed Bug Control Service

Enjoy a peaceful sleep with no bug bites or irritation with the effective bed bug control service of Vancouver Pest Control Ltd. Our pest control experts are highly trained and experienced to deal with these blood-sucking insects.

We use advanced technology of bed bug control in Vancouver and the adjoining areas. Our service ensures long-term relief of bed bugs from your home. We follow various measures ranging from heat treatment to pesticide prevention methods.

Besides these treatments, we also have bed bug inspection dogs. They have an ultra-sensitive sensing ability to detect the peculiar smell of bed bugs and their eggs. Get in touch with us for bed bug control in Vancouver. Call us at 604-699-1707 or send us a mail to get a free quote.