Christmas is just a few days away. And you have started planning for decoration, right? But unfortunately, rodents can transform your joy into a source of stress. They can be easily attracted by the decor items and spoil your celebration. In Vancouver, when the temperature dips, rodent infestation becomes prevalent. But the good news is that you can keep this unwanted intruder out of your home by following the tips given below.

How to Prevent Rodent Infestation in Your Home

Check Christmas Trees Carefully

Santa always checks his naughty and nice list every year. And this is what you should do with Christmas trees. At Christmas, the centrepiece that most homeowners want to display in their homes is the Christmas tree. But they come from farms. And in this environment, rodents can crawl up nests in the branches. Hence, before bringing them into your home for decoration, inspect them carefully.

Make Your Kitchen Spotless

Rodents invade homes in search of food. Hence, make sure you keep your kitchen spotless and there is no leftover food. Keep all the food in airtight containers. It’s best to use containers made of metal or thick glass as rodents can’t nibble on them. Paper and soft plastic containers are easy targets for rodents. And if you leave dirty dishes in the sink, you are ringing the dinner bell for hungry rodents.

Store Lights in a Secure Tub

It can be expensive to throw away Christmas decorations every year. Hence, many people in Vancouver consider making the last year’s decorations a part of this year’s celebration. They store their decor collection in boxes in the dark corner for the remaining eleven months. And this can be a great living space for rodents. Therefore, make sure you keep the lights in plastic containers that can be sealed tightly so that they can’t chew through the wires.

Hang Candies on the Day before Christmas

Many people love using candy canes as Christmas tree ornaments. This delicious decor is not only attractive to people but also to rodents. The candies can be a source of a serious infestation. But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice this tradition. The less time the candies are hanging on the trees, the less chance of attracting insects and rodents. The best option is to hang candies on the trees before the day of Christmas.

So, why let rodents infest your home? Follow these tips and consider hiring us if you require a professional rodent control service provider. Our certified experts will take care of everything.

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