Carpenter ants are the types of pests that cause damage to a home by burrowing into wood. This harmful pest creates expensive damages, especially wood structures. And if it’s left unchecked, the colony of carpenter ants can grow up to the size of 50,000 ants. It’s one of the common nuisances that many households in Vancouver encounter during the winter. Therefore, as a homeowner, it’s important to know the signs of carpenter ants infestation beforehand so that you can take apt measures on time. So, let’s check these out!

Easy to Spot Signs of Carpenter Ants

  1. Winged Ants

You will find winged ants coming from vents, walls, ceilings, and other areas around your home. It indicates that these creatures are getting ready to breed and swarm. This sure sign indicates that the carpenter ants have invaded your home.

  1. Frass

Frass is nothing but the wood particles discarded by carpenter ants around their nests. It looks like finely sawdust. These pests leave frass deposits at the entrances to their nests. Carpenter ants actually don’t eat wood. They chop wood in their mandibles and remove them from their tunnels. They drop the wooden dust from their nesting hole entrances. And this is the most recognizable sign of carpenter ant infestation.

  1. Rustling Noises

Once the population of carpenter ants grows, they excavate the tunnels. And when they work together to chew through wood, it can cause a faint noise. If you hear the sound of faint rustling behind walls, it indicates a large carpenter ant infestation. If you put your ear to the suspected piece of wood, you will hear the sound clearly.

  1. Large Ants

Have you discovered an increasing number of large ants in your home? The chance is high that carpenter ants have invaded your property. These harmful ants can reach up to 12 millimetres in length. And if you find them often, it means they have made a nest.

What’s Next?

If you want to get rid of this infestation, call us immediately! We have a team of certified pest exterminators who give eco-friendly solutions for pest infestation. So, drop us a note quickly. And view our Facebook to know more about us.

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