A rat infestation can be a dangerous nuisance. In Vancouver, especially in winter, many homeowners are suffering from this issue. From internal structure to home furnishing, it can do major damages to a home. Therefore, as a property owner, you must be well aware of the tips for rat control in advance. And these are what you will come across in this blog. So, keep on reading!


What to do to Prevent Rat Infestation


Here are a few effective tips that can help you eliminate rats from your home.


Eliminate Food Sources


Eradicating the food source can impact the desire of rats to roam around a home. Therefore, if you discover rat infestation in your home, dump all the accumulated garbage immediately. Place a lockable lid on the garbage can. These approaches will prevent the rats to access the food source.


Clean the Entire House


There is no denying that trash and clutter are the best friends of rats. They love all kinds of clutter, which will provide them with a hiding place. So, de-clutter your home. And make sure that there is no dirt in the kitchen, closets, attic, basement, etc.


Call pest control Experts


If you have a severe infestation in your home, you will have no option other than resorting to a reputed pest control service. These professionals are highly trained. They use eco-friendly products that are safe to use. They are well aware of effective pest control strategies with a rat infestation. They will block all easy access to your home for rats.


During the winter, the chance is high that you may encounter rat infestation in your home. But remember, never use rat poison, which can make things worse. Apart from the horrible smell, it can pose a threat to your health. And if you think that a cat can solve this problem, you are wrong!




To effectively deal with a rat infestation, calling pest exterminators will be the best option. They can give you a permanent solution. And that’s where we, Vancouver Pest Control Ltd., have earned a reputation. Visit our Facebook page and read other blogs to know more about our services.

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