The weather is noticeably cooling down in Vancouver. So, the time has come to take measures to protect your home from fall pests. When the temperature falls, they begin to set up a habitat in the warmth of a home. Hence, it’s essential to be aware of the pests that can be more prevalent during the season in this city. So, let’s have a look at three of the most common pests that may invade your house.

Some Common Fall Pests in Vancouver

When the winter is arriving in Vancouver, fall pests start infesting households. It’s truly frustrating for homeowners. And if you leave this nuisance untreated, the infestation can get worse. Therefore, if you discover pest infestation in your home, take help from a reliable pest control company. Now, let’s know about the fall pests that can enter your home this season.

1. Bed Bug

In Vancouver, the population of bed bugs becomes well established as soon as the temperature is going down. These insects build their shelters in resorts, single-family homes, offices, apartment buildings, etc. They love to live in warm places in a home. You will find these harmful creatures, especially on clothing and luggage. Their nymphs are smaller than apple seeds. Sometimes it can be difficult to trace their root. In this regard, a detailed inspection is necessary.

2. Rodent

When the temperature falls, rodents have fewer food resources outside. That’s why they enter households for sustenance. And once they enter, you will find their droppings in cupboards, sheds, and garages. You may hear noise in the attic at night. But remember, this creature can cause extensive damages to a home. 

3. Carpenter Ant

You will also see carpenter ants in your home. They are one of the largest black ants in North America. This wood-boring insect can destroy your home silently. They usually live in moist and rooting woods. And once they establish a colony, it will hasten the process of decaying wood. It can the main reason for the structural damage of a property. 

Bottom Line

The infestation of fall pests can’t be controlled on your own. In this regard, consider taking our help. We, Vancouver Pest Control Ltd., are a reliable pest control company offering eco-friendly solutions for pest control. Read other blogs to know more.

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