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Vancouver Pest Control Ltd specializes in rodent removal offering rat, squirrel and mice control. If you’ve got nuisance squirrels in your backyard or mice in your attic, talk to one of our professionals about our effective rodent control and removal solutions. With recent awareness of the deadly Hantavirus (found in rodent droppings and urine) it is more important than ever to effectively remove all rodent infestations in your home for the safety and protection of you and your family. Call our pest control specialists today for a free, no pressure rodent and mice removal estimate.An experienced exterminator will visit your home, usually on the same day, in an unmarked service vehicle ready to lend a helping hand.


Mice Control Vancouver

Your home’s warmth and access to food often attracts mice to enter your home through small openings and even open doors, compromising your home’s sanitation and cleanliness. Early mice control is important to avoid the gnawing of your home’s structure and furnishings and to minimize mice feces in your home, which can carry bacteria that cause food poisoning. We provide natural organic rodent and mice control and removal services including “exclusion” services, where we seal off openings to prevent re-entry. We can help eradicate unwanted mice in your home through sanitation, mouse-proofing the house, bait selection and disposal of dead mice.

Indoor and Outdoor Squirrel Control

Indoor squirrel infestations, such as in your attic or garage can cause major problems in your household. Vancouver Pest Control offers a number of squirrel removal and rodent control methods including live traps, natural squirrel repellents and “exclusion” services, where we seal off openings and use one-way doors so squirrels can get out, but not back in.

While many people find squirrels cute when camping or walking through the park, squirrels can become quite bothersome, especially if they take over your backyard. Whether the squirrels are getting into your garden or eating from your birdhouses, we offer natural outdoor squirrel repellents and other natural squirrel control solutions to help you regain control of your yard.

Pest Control Services for Chipmunks & Other Rodents

Did you know that a growing number of structural fires are caused by electrical wiring damaged by common rodents? Vancouver Pest Control is an all-inclusive rodent control and pest removal company that can provide extermination services for chipmunks and other common rodents.


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